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A difficult question, one that takes some people a lifetime to answer. My name is Rowan Hamilton and for me, it is an ongoing search filled with adventures and experiences. Rather than having the intention of reaching my goal of being the person I want to be, I try to take every experience as a lesson and a little building block that adds to the person I already am.

But to answer the question quite literally, I am an aspiring Entrepreneur with intentions of building a brand around my lifestyle. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to explore the world. Not only traveling to different countries, but observing the cultural differences from country to country. From backpacking Europe to living in Costa Rica, my favorite memories are ones that occurred because I was immersed in the culture and for a short time could experience the true difference from my culture to theirs.

This idea of traveling and sharing culture, as many will tell you is an amazing natural stimulant. My goal is to share this with people that otherwise would not be exposed to it. My passions are focused on travel, surf and being open and willing to new opportunities. This brings me to my personal brand SAYES. Quite simply it means “say yes”. Whether it’s to a last minute plan with a friend, or a once in a lifetime opportunity.

As humans, we have a voice in our head that tells you not to take risks. Although this voice often keeps us from making bad decisions, it can also prevent us from stepping out of our comfort zone. Stopping us from doing things because they are unfamiliar or unsettling. On the other hand, there is also another voice in our heads that tells you to “go for it”, or “say yes”. This voice is what makes you try something you never have before, it’s what makes people go sky-diving, or surf the biggest waves in the world. This voice is what gets you up and out of the house to go for a run, or start a that new hobby you keep thinking about. Basically, this is the driving force behind human growth, and the better we know when to listen to this voice, the more productive our growth will be.

To wrap this up, I launched this website as a platform to support my journey. All of the designs are done by me, I manage all orders and even built this website on my own! I believe it’s important to hear feedback so if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk, please reach out to me at

Welcome to the SAYES lifestyle!

– Rowan Hamilton